If You Must Get Married Relationship Conference 2021: And The Two Shall Become One Flesh

If You Must Get Married Relationship Conference 2021: And The Two Shall Become One Flesh

The Relationship Conference, February 2021

If You Must Get Married Relationship Conference

Theme: “And the two shall become one flesh” Matthew 19:5-6.


  • Apostle Quentin and Prophetess Gail Koeberg, (SA)
  • Pst. David and Zanae Ari (USA)

Ministering in song: Melvyn Bartlett

Date: February 27 & 28, 2021


Saturday, 27th: 

  • First Session: 4pm SA, 3pm Nigeria, and 8am Dallas Texas, USA Time
  • Second Session: 7pm SA, 6pm Nigeria, 11am Dallas Texas, USA Time.

Sunday, 28th: 5pm SA, 4pm Nigeria, and 9am Dallas Texas, USA Time

To register please go to www.Tower4love.org or send a message to: +27731005296 (WhatsApp only)

Areas of Focus:

  • How to prepare yourself in order to become one in marriage
  • How to break free from the set back of divorce and making your marriage work
  • How to Navigate through the hurdles of a cross cultural relationship/marriage

Speakers Bio

Apostle Quentin and Prophetess Gail Koeberg, (SA)

Apostle Quentin and Mama Gail Koeberg are founders and visionaries of RAP Ministries, and Quegal Restoration and Refuge Centre (QRRC), in South Africa. Their ministries were birthed out of the overflow of the restoration they received through remarriage. They are parents and grand parents, and also author of some inspiring books that has helped many within and outside their ministries to experience true restoration. They are both known for their passion for the deliverance and counselling ministries which they too play a major role within the body of Christ in South Africa. They serve as spiritual parents and role models to many up coming ministers and believers of Jesus Christ in the Gauteng province where they reside.

Pst. David and Zanae (USA)

David and Zanae have been faithfully married for 8 years, and they are blessed with three beautiful children, namely Gianna, Arianna and Jonathan. Zanae is an educator, who is leadership driving. Her passion to see others grow and institution run better, made her to pursue her doctorate in Educational leadership. David is an engineer by profession, he is also a graduate of the Potter’s House School of Ministry, and he is currently a Minister at the Potter’s House, Dallas, TX.
David and Zanae are both passionate about young people and this generation.

Melvyn G. Bartlett

Servant, Musician, Minstrel, Psalmist, Prophet and prophetic worshiper. Love God and love to minister to Him in song and music… Serving currently as worship leader at R.A.P. Ministries S A.

Tony O. Egbejule

Tony O. Egbejule is a life coach, Christian counsellor and a published author of several inspiring titles. Pastor T, as he’s fondly called is one of the directors of Breaking Boundaries Ministries (An NGO that’s committed to mentoring and building up young believers into spiritual giants through practical biblical teachings). He is the director of Tower4love Publications, a publishing company saddled with the responsibility to help up coming writers self-publish their works with excellence according to their own financial strength. He is a teen and youth workers’ trainer. And he sits on the board of an international teens and youth ministry that helps teens/youths discover and fulfill their life purpose. He is a Pastor with over 12 years experience in practical pastoring. He is an ardent student of the Bible and an Alumni of Rhema Bible College South Africa, and a member of the management team of Quegal Restoration and Refuge Centre (QRRC) South Africa.

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