Our services include:

1. Editing

Trusting Tower4Love publications with your manuscript might seem like a big commitment, but so is making a book. The best way to make sure your writing is perfectly polished before it’s published or printed is to invest in editing services from a brand you can trust.
Tower4Love Book Editing Services offer three different options for authors: Line Editing, Copy Editing, and Proofreading. These different levels of editing services cover everything from basic grammar and misspelling corrections to review of the story narrative, story development, characterization, and sentence structure. We offer options to ensure that each author is satisfied with their editing service.

2. Book Design

Our knowledgeable designers will create designs that gets attention on bookshelves and in online retail shops. Basic design (for both print & eBook formats) is included with your Complete Self-Publishing Package.

3. Printing

Selling your book in a real bookshop feels good. But selling your book in the biggest stores to readers all over the world? That’s a dream come true. And that’s just what we deliver. Take your printed book  everywhere your readers are with our global network of leading booksellers.

4. Sales & Marketing

Get more out of book sales with Tower4Love Bookstore.

Sell your printed books and eBooks directly to readers and Earn higher royalties with Tower4love Publications.

5. Publishing

The process of publishing your book with Tower4Love publications is generally broken down into three stages after signing a contract.
  • Orientation and Sample: We start by introducing you to the details needed to write your book (our processes, content management systems, style guidelines, etc.) and answer any questions you have before you get going. Once oriented we will analyze your table of contents with you and introduce you to some writing techniques while working on your manuscript  with you.
  • Writing: We provide feedback on each new draft, and try to do so within five business days of its submission. You are then given the opportunity to revise the chapter based on the feedback and discussion. Once a chapter is in good shape you move on to the next. After the third draft, we will send the manuscript out for external review. This gives us a fresh, often more technical, reading of your manuscript and often points out key ways that a book can be improved.
  • Production: Finally, when the manuscript is done it goes into production where it is copy edited, tech proofed, and laid-out prior to going to the printer. During this time we will need your time and attention to help answer questions that arise as we polish your manuscript and turn it into a book. Upon completion you just need to sit back and wait for the final product to ship from the printer (usually preceded by final eBook versions).
Get professional writing and editing services.
We provide the easiest way to publish that book.
We will create amazing book designs.
We guarantee the best quality prints.
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